Sunday, November 1, 2009

E is for Escape

Calgone take me away!  The last couple weeks have been rough.  We've had an increase in violence at work, so everyone is stressed and worried there.  And our department lost one of our own to cancer - may she rest in peace.  Another friend went missing for several days.  He's back and ok, thankfully.  And the love of my life has taken a turn for the worse, and while I know this is a temporary state of anger/depression for him, it's still so hard to deal with.  My heart aches to help him and there's nothing I can do beyond being there for him when he needs me and help with the kids when he needs space.

So we had a short escape to Oak Island (the boys, my parents and I).  The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.

I've also decided to escape each evening into the National Novel Writing Month Challenge.  I think it will be fun and a completely different creative outlet.  200 words down 49800 to go!

(Photo courtesy of The Southport Times)

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