Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter? Really?

Easter is wayyyyyyy too early this year. Just a week ago my mother mentioned that it's this month. Who decided that?!? I had hoped to knit the boys each a dinosaur as a gift, but the pattern I have is too involved, so they're getting bunnies. Last year I knit them chicks that didn't come out great so anything will be better. Dyl's sick so we were up most of the night and I managed to finish his in a day and a half. He loves the thing. This morning I had to serve them both pancakes and the bunny got my chair at the table. It's so darn cute!

On a completely different note - is it possible for the awful weather to stop? Seriously... another storm today. Yesterday was beautiful so I went for a run and Kyle rode his new bike. It was fun and I felt like we were out of hibernation. Now we're getting an ice storm. I'm almost at the point that I would take any amount of money for the house just so we can move!

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