Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dyl's New Blanket

So I'm definitely further on Dyl's blanket then I am on my socks. I finished it pretty quickly actually. I used a superchunky yarn - so fast!

Easy Basketweave Blankie
2 skeins mc (green)
1 skein cc (blue)
size 13 needles

Basketweave stitch:
k4p4 for 5 rows
row 6 k
p4k4 for 5 rows
row 12 k

CO 48 in CC
Work entire blanket in basketweave
Rows 1-2 in CC
Rows 3-42 in MC
Rows 43-60 in CC
Rows 61-100 in MC
Rows 101-102 in CC, BO.

1 comment:

Jenn D. said...

Jen, what kind of yarn did you use and what is the measurements of finished blanket? Thanks!