Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The last few days I've had these fits of energy and getting things done and even a bit of creativity! I had forgotten how great that felt. Last week I knit a sweater, yes an entire sweater, for myself. It's supercute and exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, I forget that I'm no longer an xxl and I made it a little big. So it's very comfy and I'll definitely wear it, but I could have made it smaller. As soon as I remember I'll take pictures of it.

Tonight the boys were playing Battleship on the porch, and they kept spilling the little pegs because they had to hold the game sets in their laps. Well, somewhere in my brain it clicked - we needed a table for the porch... and I noticed the fence my neighbor recently tore down sitting in their yard... and voila - a table!
Obviously it's a little rustic and probably needs a coat of paint, but the boys and I managed to build it in one night! We even got to eat ice cream at the table tonight. I'm excited about it on so many levels - it was creative, it came out cute, it's functional, it was free, it's all recycled... YAY!!!

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