Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Liesel... Faith

It's feeling a lot like fall. I found some beautiful yarn a few weeks ago (correction... beautiful color, yucky yarn), and needed a pattern to go with it. For me the creative process is usually like this - I find something I love (like the color of this yarn) and it speaks to me. This particular something said 'fall' and 'leaves', but the yarn felt weird enough that I knew better than a sweater. I love ravelry - I searched the patterns for a free lace scarf and found several. This one of course really stood out because of the leaves in the pattern. I haven't been a big fan of lace... too much concentration needed. Knitting for me is more about the repetition - it's a comfort. This pattern has converted me. I loved it! In fact I may knit this for other people as well. This is one of my favorite projects of all time!

Which brings me back to faith. Knitting lace is an act of faith. You can read the pattern or the chart, but until you've knit it, you don't know it will turn out like the picture. Lately I've felt as though I need to have more faith. I know there's a plan for me, but what is it? Will I ever know what it is? May my life be the pattern I invision and may I read the pattern correctly and not completely screw it up...

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